Our Programs

Outreach Programmes

Implement outreach programmes, including but not limited to:
• visiting vulnerable groups and communities to conduct needs assessments,
• mobilize community members, and develop targeted interventions;
• conduct awareness raising activities on specific topics such as child labor, child welfare, and disaster management.

Membership Recruitment and Tracking Programs

• Create recruitment zones spanning the country.
• Identify and begin collaboration with social work-related Institutions in each zone.(TESWEP)
• Already three Regional TASWO offices has been opened; Pemba, Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro. Engage students and practicing social workers in each zone, actively recruiting them as associates TASWO members.
• Develop a database to better track and maintain contact with members and related institutions at the national level.

Training Programs

Organize targeted short courses from which TASWO members can gain specialized knowledge and skills; issue certificates of attendance for these seminars and workshops/symposium.s
• Institute refresher courses for practicing social workers.
• Establish HIV/AIDS-specific training programs for social work students, including aspects of HIV prevention and impact mitigation.
• Collaborate with schools of social work, both in Tanzania and internationally, to introduce Web-based training programmes.